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ART Porcelain was established in January 2000 is famous throughout the full body tile in the world. Since the establishment of the ART brand, we have been devoted to building the high-end individualized full body tiles. ART tiles dedicated to the field of color tile* s fashion design and product development, creative and designed into each product, constantly surprises for modern architecture and home life.

ART tiles with its “international quality and service” as a concept, a high-end brand to the consumers living culture and constantly tap the inherent quality of life needs. ART product design, whether it is as a building surface or interior space, all express their brand of elegant.

ART Porcelain is market-oriented, quality-based on, services for the protection and management, ART products selling well all over the world, in Europe, the Americas, and other parts of Asia to set up its own distribution channels. Each piece of tile, represents ART product quality and innovation, represents ART's unique product design and production concept.

Candor, boast individuality and innovation, break the traditional rules, the ultimate self, focus on inner, not subject to secular freedom, brave stressed self-awareness and enjoy unique, filled with fresh and emotional. This is me, ART.

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